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Sailing Articles

We're putting together what we hope will become the authoritative source of sailing information you could possibly find. We'll be adding to the sections below, and gradually adding more sections too.

Learn To Sail

Why learn to sail? Why not? It’s a healthy outdoor pursuit, and good fun too! In our Learn to Sail series, find out the great things about sailing, and learn how to sail! (Boat and lake not included!)

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Interested in racing dinghies? Check out our articles on learning how to race, how to get to the front of the pack, and how to stay there!

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Rigging Guides

Bought a new boat? Instructions make no sense, or did the previous owner loose them? It's hard enough to figure out how to sail your new bank balance bailer without being flummoxed by setting it up. Check out our Rigging Guides for help.

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Dinghy Repair

Want to learn how to restore your dinghy to its former glory? Check out our articles.

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Dinghy Classes

Think someone's cheated you with that 6ft long laser, or that 22ft topper? Check out the proper information for your boat in our Dinghy Classes guide, with all the important specs and history.

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Techniques and Manoevres

Need that little bit of extra speed to give you the edge? See if we have any techniques that might help!

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Sailing has it's own entire language. Are you confused about when to luff up the asymmetrical daggerboard, or are you wondering where the windward spinnaker of the transom batten is tacked?

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Don't know your bowline from your half turn, or your clove hitch from your figure eight? Check out our knots guide, especially for sailing.

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