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Every effort is made to ensure that information provided on this website is accurate and trustworthy. However, we cannot completely guarantee information appear on this site is completely accurate.

We have members of staff who are qualified sailing instructors, and as such the information they give and articles they write will have a high degree of accuracy. While we cannot completely guarantee that the techniques taught or talked about are RYA (UK) approved, they are generally considered to be correct at time of going to press. However, with a subject such as sailing, which has developed over hundreds of years, there are many different techniques to do the same thing, and everyone teaches slightly different.

Caution Water accepts no liability for any injuries sustained or mishaps occurred during any activities discussed by this site. If these activities are carried out in the manner discussed or specified, unless otherwise warned, they should not cause any mishap or injury. Don't blame us if you get wet, we did warn you about it!

This website and our articles and content should not be used in place of an approved RYA training course, but alongside it. Many of the issues we discuss are beyond the scope of an introductory Level 1 or Level 2 RYA training course so if you are qualified to Level 2, then you will gain more from our articles than if you don't know how to sail. Some of our articles will also server as a good primer before starting a course, but again, should not be used in place of one.

Any sailing activity should be conducted in safe manner; sailing clubs are the best locations, since they usually have the best equipment, people on hand who already know how to sail (and they may even run courses), and usually a safety boat on hand to help anyone in difficulty. Also, please be sure to wear a bouyancy aid or life jacket of some kind at all times on or near bodies of water.

The distances calculated by the club finder are worked out using the Latitude and Longitude coordinates obtained from the postcode of the Sailing Club's location. This is generally accurate to around 30-100metres, although due to the nature of postcodes, we cannot completely guarantee this accuracy. Furthermore, because we calculate this on the postcode of the location, we cannot 100% guarantee the postcodes are completely accurate, although we have gone to considerable lengths to ensure they are correct.

If you write an article or supply content for us, we will credit you where appropriate with a name and a hyperlink to a site of your choice. If you submit an article to us, we reserve the right to edit it accordingly to fit in with the content and techniques written about on this site. If we do edit your material, we will inform you before we publish it and give you the opportunity to review the changes. Please ensure you own the right to reproduce or republish any content, written, photographic or audiovisual before you send it us.

All images and photographs on this site, excluding Dinghy, Catamaran, or Trimaran pictures remain copyright of Caution Water. Any of our recreations of boats remain our copyright, although we concede the original copyright for designs of the boats remains with the original copyright holder; as does the copyright for any Class Logos we have used on this site. We do not intend to break copyright or cause any damages to any companies involved, we merely seek to publicise and promote sailing in all it's forms, and any and all dinghy and catamaran classes available to the public, and the best way of doing that is to provide images and links to them. That being said, if any manufacturers do wish their boats to be removed from this site, send us a request via the Contact Us page and we shall act upon the request immediately.

Any photos, diagrams, articles or other textual content, unless otherwise credited, are all rights reserved and Copyright Caution Water. If you wish to use them, then please get in touch and we can work something out.

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