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Topper Taz

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Topper Taz
Beam (width): 1.2m
Length: 3m
Weight: 45kg
Crew: 1
Ideal Crew Weight: 60-65kg
Sail Set: Main, Jib
First Year of Manufacture: 2002
Manufacturer: Topper International

Advanced Specifications

Main Sail Area4.3 sq m
Jib Sail Area1 sq m

Boat Reviews

- Posted By sarah on 16 June 2010
This is a great little boat. My children are tiny 11 and 13 year olds and complete beginners. By the end of 2 days tuition they can take it out together or on their own in quite strong winds - the sail reefs if it is too windy. They can right it even after turning turtle (the dagger board fell out because they didn't have the elastic on properly but they managed to sort it out!), it self bales they climb back on and off they go. My son is only 4 stone and he can right it alone! They rig it, launch it and pull it up the hill back to its place all without help. Oh and it looks cute and seems to go pretty fast too!

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