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Topper Xenon

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Topper Xenon
Beam (width): 2m
Length: 4.5m
Weight: 118kg
Crew: 2
Sail Set: Main, Jib, Spinnaker
Spinnaker: Asymmetric
First Year of Manufacture: 2005
Manufacturer: Topper International

Advanced Specifications

Portsmouth Yardstick (Handicap)1070
Main Sail Area12 sq m
Jib Sail Area3 sq m
Spinnaker Sail Area12.75 sq m
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Boat Reviews

- Posted By jeremy carr on 12 July 2010
hi, bought xenon last year, looked at vision, omega, bahia, couldn't find a vision, omega too big(sailed in one, glad didn't buy one) bahia too new, never even thought of xenon, chat to owner read the odd review, have xenon now.

so far, big and plastic, very little maintenance, just sail cover and forget till next time, lovely and simple to rig, not too many control lines, the gnav is brillant and a lovely high boom. metal hoop(main sheet blocks on) a solid point to grab and pull your self in plus a nice back rest, when little wind.

topper say its good for 4 adults, we had 2 adults and a child, think that was enough.

boat has zip on main sail to reef, really easy, could you do it on the water, ( we'll try)

boat hasn't been over or turtle yet, o/h not keen on getting wet, she says its not warm enough yet????? i think may not be 100% boat was launched as endevour trophy boat, lots about that on info from topper, but trouble is (i think) there are lots of boats available thatdo the same thing, two man dinghy's with an asymmetric on, but there are very few xenon's around, we were in a club in torbay for a while and no-one had seen or heard of them. overall am i glad i bought the boat Yes, its unique (not alot around) looks good, black mylar sail is cool, nothing scary at all, very safe boat, maintenance free, can;t comment on boat with kite up, hopefully it'll be a different beast, would i recomend the boat to other people, Yes, good safe fun boat isn't going to scare you or o/h (but don't quote me on that). only down side is there aren't many around, if you want tuning guides nothing on web, ring topper, they are helpfull, or just try things. j.j.

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