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Figure 8

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Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2008 3:40 PM

A figure of eight knot is used mostly as a stopper knot in sailing, for example to stop a rope end coming through a fairlead or eyehole.

The figure eight is the RYA approved stopper knot.

Starting with a length of rope, make a loop (picture 1), then pass the working end over the top of the front of the loop, then around the back/underneath (picture 2).

Figure 8 Picture 1

Picture 1

Figure 8 Picture 2

Picture 2

Bring the working end back around the front and pass it through the loop (picture 3). Pull both ends tight (picture 4) to form the knot (picture 5).

Figure 8 Picture 3

Picture 3

Figure 8 Picture 4

Picture 4

An easy way of remembering this is make a head (picture 1), strangle it (picture 2 and 3), and poke it in the eye (picture 4).

Figure 8 Picture 5

Picture 5

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